Escape with us into the rugged land and sea of Mani.

Owners Pierros Thomakos and Captain Sheri Hunt PhD

The concept for Mani E-scapes came from our love of the Mani Peninsula where Pierros was born and raised and Sheri's California life married into an e-bike and boat rental and tour company.  

Mani E-scapes believes in sustainable lifestyles.  Our Kafenio supports the e bike and boat business with organic farm to table specialty meals created by Chef Pierros.  Pierros incorporates our farm ingredient and delivers unique dining experiences to your escape.  Only the finest ingredients for you.  

This applies to our e-bikes.  We are the premier rental fleet of RAD Power bikes in Greece.  Our rental fleet of MATE X special edition Spectral 3D series e bikes are only available through Mani E-scapes in Greece.  We also have two Flluid 1-S by FUELL (Buell of Harley Davidson Fame).  These exceptional e-bikes are for 200 km riding to cross the Mani Peninsula.

Our commitment to providing a full e-bike rental and tour service includes pick up if needed or delivery of bikes, ride routes and when touring with Pierros, get unique local knowledge and explanation of Greek traditions while exploring the road, gravel or sand of the Mani Peninsula.

Mani E-scapes owns the only electrified Tofinou 9.7m daysailer in Greece.  She is outfitted with battery only propulsion so clean and quiet to accompany the sailing escape.  Daily morning and sunset sails available unless booked for longer escapes to Elafonisos.  3 day trips include food and drink delicacies from the Kafenio.

We look forward to seeing you in Mani.

Kalos Irthate